Saturday, 6 May 2017

My Eyes are Better - Praise be !

Can you imagine my relief when yesterday afternoon I was finally free from all that stabbing, burning and blurriness, and all those eye drops later?...what a relief, you cannot imagine.  

And you know the worse thing of all was, that yesterday morning, I found out what had caused it.  I actually found the very receptacle that had inflicted all that agony on me.  

Yes, believe it or not, it was self-administered mayhem.  Because I had devised my own eye drops and unbeknown to me, lurking in the bottom of my home-brew-of-quasi-naturopathic-recipe was a thick brown biofilm of fungus!........Yes reader, I had inadvertently infected my own eyes with a fungal biofilm from an eye drops dispenser that wasn't properly cleaned? 

Furthermore, I had cleaned it copious times, boiled it over and over again, but little did I know that right at the bottom.....way deep down in there, was a clandestine layer of fugitive gunk!

And what made it worse was, every time I reach for my self-styled eye drops, its usually late at night AND the bottle is brown... !!

Having learnt my painful lesson (forever), I now scrub the dispenser out in a frenzied way each time I need to use it, day or night with a q-tip and mild citric acid.  Its such a relief to have no pain....such a relief...

So anyway, back to work: 
OK, so here are some images of interest.  Mental musings, clippings blah blah blah.

First one is the pattern for this current piece.  Couldn't find the original link.  If the original poster finds this link and shouts me down, I will have to pull it off, so get right-clicking now, because who knows when the twain shall meet.

Then there is a drawing of woodgrain that can be accomplished with stem stitch.  Very versatile stitch.  Modern stitchers do not realise the huge versatility of this stitch, I tell you!

(Oh it is such a joy not to have to blink 300 times a minute - Thank you God!)

Then there is this mind map of how I shall approach her hair

Then there is a leaflet from the Bath Museum of Fashion that I visited last year, or whenever it was.  I was looking forward to it immensely, but was a little disappointed.  Not enough on display, things too far away and the people standing nearby got on my nerves.  However, big however, there are re-created pieces hanging on a hook outside the main hall that you can TRY ON!  Yes reader, you too can flounce about in acres of fabric and dreeeeeeeeeaaaaam!

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