Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Embroidered Woodgrain - stage 1

OK, so the woodgrain is underway.  I had to increase the contrast of the various tones, because otherwise it would look just too indistinct for the naked eye.  The main colour will be a kind of gold, mid-way mark I think.  I might reduce the dark rings even more by packing in some more light colour.  But the main thing is that with Stem Stitch you can go under or over, inside or out, create peaks or curves, lines or satin stitching filling. Its the most versatile stitch out there I reckon, and its so addictive to work!

I lowered the ISO on this image this time instead of hitting 'enhance' in the edit studio.  

I decided the leg of the piano would be given a circular treatment.  I need to work on that at the same time as the rest of the woodwork, otherwise they might not sit well together e.g. they have to balance each other I think...The top of the piano will be given a much simpler treatment, to suggest the reflection of the light hitting it, but also because I don't want the young man's jacket to be drowned out.

Oh, and here's the view of the sky from my kitchen at dusk...what a vision!

When I see a sky like that, apart from feeling really floaty and awestruck, I really want to try and either paint it, sew it or draw it.  That's what I call gilt edged clouds...

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