Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Slugs detest limewash paint - yippee!

Had to show y'all my King Kong strawberries!

and a 360 degree view from Pocket Handkerchief in August

As ambitious as it sounds, here's a Bougainvillea in full flower, loving the incandescent light radiating in the evenings from the corner location of the sunbaked fence.

I bought this plant to remind us of the Caribbean, its so pretty...

I painted limewash on my raised beds.  Slugs detest lime and wont walk across it...

Before I go, here's an image that will be very interesting to those interested in the probable cultural evolution of some of  the more complex embroidery stitches?  On the left hand side of the image below you can see a Viking chain made of coiled gold.  When I first saw this image, I was searching for something completely unrelated to needlework, and yet on seeing it I could hardly believe my luck and quickly made the necessary visual connections.  Its my personal view that the chain is formed by Plaited Braid Stitch, made on a stick for support.  I hope to devote an entire post to this hypothesis soon...

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  1. Search on Pinterest pages - you'll find lots of tutorial with wire.
    Beautiful garden.