Sunday, 4 June 2017

Salisbury Museum was Incredible - Highly recommend Wessex Gallery

Since returning from our holiday in Cornwall, I've been inundated with 'stuff', you know the kind, the kind that keeps coming at you, no matter how much you want to avoid it or get rid of it quickly, including having to finally succumb to massive operating system upgrades.

I've taken lots of pictures recently, as promised but I ran out of battery in the museum and had to switch to iphone.  Then realised I should have just used the iphone, but at that time, I knew my operating system needed replacing, so several pages later reader, I'm now in the process of drafting a museum post.

But for now I send you something really special.  Everyone knows I practice organic gardening, permaculture, make my own compost and compost tea etc, well here is a picture of my lawn, as it is now, two months after applying Alfalfa Meal natural fertiliser, then spiking the lawn, then applying compost tea with a watering can, after dividing the lawn into 4 with markers.  Should mention I also rolled the grass, back in March, after the frost.  You only need to do a light rolling, they say.  I went over mine twice, with a three quarters filled roller.

So here it is:

In a word: lush!

See folks, Believe in Better and it CAN be done!

Next time I'll show you pictures of pre-Beaker people hand-axes, that are circa 480,000 years old, found around the Stonehenge area. Only goes to show just how long people have been making stuff and making it always as well as they possibly can, given their circumstances.  

IMO, its only when you make stuff you truly connect with all of mankind.

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