Friday, 9 March 2012

Another rose and a completed pdf file

3-d rose - red - with bordered turns and spiky sepals

I made this very small rose with the help of the techniques put forward in Jacqui Carey’s wonderful new book Elizabethan Stitches.

The 2-d petals are made using the method she describes as ‘Bordered Turns’ and the 3-d elements were constructed in the hand, as she suggests.

3-rose side view

Because of these two major breakthroughs, I was able to connect the idea of ‘Bordered Turns’ with some images I had seen of very cute spiky rose leaves and realised that the one method, leads on very naturally, to the other. 

This is a close up of one of the leaves…

Spiky rose leaf

More about that wonderful book next time…

My PDF file regarding Even Shaping of 3-d Corded Detached Buttonhole

Well, considering this amazing author has produced two books on this subject in such a short space of time I realised my long-discussed pdf file on DBH even-shaping really ought to be finished, so I prioritised it to the top of my to-do list, rather than somewhere down the middle after: jobs, dogs, family and homes.

So I am finally, very pleased to announce it is on sale at Esty and you can find it here:

Its 19 pages long and very reasonably priced.  (I hope its not too technical, but you know what I’m like by now – lol!)

Thank you in advance to anyone who will eventually buy it.


And THANK YOU, Jacqui Carey, for making so many long-forgotten techniques come out into the light of day again ! 


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  1. Thank you for enquiries about the Research Document pdf file that I am selling on Etsy. To save time, it's on sale now for $5.50. There are no shipping costs applicable as the file will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of placing your order.

    It contains lots of text and lots of images, as well as helpful diagrams etc, it is 19 pages long and all the pages contain relevant text (instead of big titles and fancy stuff).

    I have repeated key information in various ways, to clarify certain points I think you will find it thoroughly self-explanatory.

    Consider the file to be a springboard into making more complex florals, insects and tiny 3-d clothes for little Stumpwork people.

    Wish you all a productive working week!