Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Kindle Cover for Kindle 4 & pdf file in the works

Gosh, no posts for a while… Twood appear that’s what happens when certain fluffy doggies suffer from insomnia…


I finished making a Kindle 4 cover as a gift. 

Kindle Cover 1

That was after a much-needed break in Madeira for all of us.  What a lovely tranquil place it is.  Virtually as soon as we arrived, we felt so relaxed, it must be something in the wonderfully clear air on that island?  Can’t wait to return sometime, soon!

Funchal 3 2011

Funchal 4


Below is a picture of the back of the Kindle cover.

The whole thing proved to be way more time-consuming than I first thought, especially as I was certain I wanted it to remain washable.  I succeeded with that part, in that the two sandwiched sides open at the top, where the stiff supporting card can be re-inserted and concealed with fasteners.  I don't have pictures of that part because daylight was fast running out and I needed to pack the car.   

Back of Kindle Cover 

I bought this dreamy floral fabric in a tiny town on the wild Cornish coast a couple of years back.  I added fusible interfacing and felt padding.  I finished off the front with an organza and lace border and some topstitching.  I really enjoyed the hand sewn details.  I’m pretty obsessed with making my hand stitches as invisible as humanly possible, or as tiny as my eyes will permit. 

The cover can fold right back on itself to ensure ‘one-armed’ reading which is one of the great advantages of running a Kindle.  I used the design of my own  (subdued pink) leather  Kindle cover by ‘Tuffluv’ as the inspiration.

The spine remains very flexible, as its made only of padded fabric, without cardboard supports.  Later I reinforced that area with ribbon binding.  Whilst open, the clasp can be conveniently parked out of the way using the same Velcro patch that holds the cover closed. 

The device itself is held in place with 4 simple thick elastic strips, that I didn’t have time to cover but managed to finish off and frame with a large border of dusty pink velvet ribbon.  That detail brought the whole thing together and made the elastic seem much more integrated.  The finished item turned out to be very girly without being OTT and looks great on a bedside table or in your bag.  

PDF file update

Pleased to say I’m two thirds of the way through work on the pdf file I mentioned concerning ‘Even-Shaping of DBH’.  I hope to finish that quite soon.  It will be priced very fairly, sold on Etsy and is currently running at an incredible 20 pages with a section on research, another on comparisons with related textiles and the last part being a ‘how-to’.  (Maybe I should cut it down somewhat, but then again…. ) 


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  1. The kindle cover is very sweet and useful. Maderia looks devine... who knew it was a place and not a just a type of thread! glad to see you back miss your interesting blogging..

  2. Thanks a lot Shirlee, I'm muddling through, as they say.
    Thankful things are manageable, although very inconvenient, especially to the old eyesight.

  3. Madeira sounds wonderful, and the Kindle cover is a delight!

  4. Thanks a lot Rachel!

    All words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.
    (Not least because my eyes are so sore)