Saturday, 19 November 2011

Halo update – between the spikes

Short, just got shorter !!!

Between the Crown’s Spikes

St Katherines gold halo

I decided I really had to face my fears and throw myself into the myriad of tiny decisions involved with filling the halo, between the spikes.

This time, only three rows needed to be pulled out and re-done.  In contrast to what I decided last time, for these ‘in-betweeners’, I did need to turn the work with each new row, in order to maintain control.  

While laying down the two fine strands of Lurex each time, (although from the pictures it looks like only one strand) I came to realise that to avoid them becoming twisted, the length of gold should never be too long. 

St Katherine's gold halp - 2Some interesting things happened along the way.  First of all, the direction of the couching is sometimes very wavy.  However, when the rows of metallic thread join their neighbouring sections, all these smaller curves join up and flatten out.  This means that some gaps are unavoidable.

The other observation is the appearance of interesting shadows that form between elements.  This results in the figure appearing to be brought forward.  I might  exaggerate that later on by adding some more brown outlining? 

Some off-topic stuff

On a completely different subject, when I do finally put together all the bits and pieces to make up these pdf patterns that I keep mentioning, I plan to add this one to the list.

miniature cupcake pincushion

Its a miniature cupcake pin cushion that incorporates a Viking Knit cake case.


I’ll let everyone know when these things are available – hopefully New Year…

gotta go ppl !



  1. The shadows will be a very important part of the piece..

  2. Thanks, I think I know what you mean and will look into this further.

  3. This is beautiful. I especially love the hair.

  4. Thanks Stitching, yes, another little 'distraction' that is taking a jolly lot longer than I expected - lol